Processing of large diameter logs

At a glance

  • The productivity of the LINCK profiling technology with its high precision and high feed speeds will convince you even when you intend to process large diameter logs.
  • Excellent lumber quality: Centre products and sideboards are precise in dimension and have a high surface quality.
  • Complete processing of large diameter logs in one sawline: You can produce up to ten sharp-edged sideboards in a LINCK line without additional board edger plant.

The process

Processing large diameter logs means handling of logs with up to 80 cm on the large end. This range of diameter typically makes the bulk of a sawmill's usable log supply. Logs larger than that are usually few and far between with a quality level not necessarily suitable for an industrial production.
Even for logs with up to 80 cm large end diameter, the LINCK profiling technology is the most economical production process thanks to its specially designed machines and system parameters.