At a glance

The saw unit CSMK is designed as double arbor machine and suitable for processing round logs as well as two- and four-sided cants.The saw arbors can be commonly adjusted in height to evenly distribute the cutting forces to the top and bottom saw blades. The equipment with two to six axes allows using the machine as sideboard saw only or as flexible resaw. Servo-controlled guide plates are alternatively available for high dimension accuracy.

Saw arbors

The CSMK saw arbors can be designed with one to three axes per side.
The main saw arbors 1 and 2 are adjusted together with the upper machine frames. Saw sleeves (3 and 4) move on the main arbors 1 and 2 in case the machine is designed with four axes. These saw sleeves are positioned with their own servo cylinders and can have several saw blades with fixed spacing inbetween. The maximum clamping length is between 110 and 150 mm depending on the cutting height. In case the machine is equipped with six axes, the main arbors 1 and 2 are designed as hollow shafts to take the shafts 5 and 6. Adjustment is done by servo axes. A sawblade can be installed on each of these shafts. The number of axes on the right- and left-hand machine side can be independent from each other and range between one and three axes. The maximum equipment of the machine with six axes with independent positioning makes it possible to split the cants into seven products of different dimensions. The fast servo-hydraulic adjustment allows a log to log setting with small cant gaps and is therefore suitable for the processing of unsorted logs.

The robust, vibration resistant frame which takes the two machine housings is the prerequisite for a long lifetime and the excellent lumber dimension accuracy. Width adjustment can either be done by electrically driven ball-screw spindle or hydraulic servo cylinders. Two standard three-phase motors per saw arbor with each 200 kW maximum drive power are used as main drive motors.







Limiting routers

Limiting routers are provided in case the CSMK is used for primary processing. They are not used for sideboard profiling but for protecting the saw arbors only. Positioning of the limiting routers is done together with the saw arbor height adjustment.

Guide plates

The saw unit CSMK can be designed with guide plates for high lumber dimension accuracy. Depending on the corresponding cutting pattern, the guide plates are moved to their position by means of a separate servo-hydraulic axis and guarantee a reliable cant guiding.

Tool change

The two upper machine housings are mounted on linear guides. The increased guiding length on the tool changing side allows moving the machine halves widely apart so that generous space is available for entering the machine for tool change.
A tool changing system can alternatively be used for saw units with one axis per side to carry out a fast, safe and comfortable tool change.