At a glance

The MKS 350 is a double arbor circular resaw with fixed saw arrangement for splitting of two- and four-sided cants as well as planks. The machine can be used in saw lines for straight and curve sawing. Guide bars can alternatively be installed at the in- and outfeed side for high dimension accuracy and smooth surfaces. Modular design feeding systems make it possible to adapt the machine to nearly every application.

Saw arbors

Each of the two MKS 350 saw arbors is driven by two three-phase motors. The bearing load of the saw arbors is significantly reduced as the belt forces almost cancel each other by the offset arrangement of the motors. The top and bottom saw arbor are independently height adjustable. Adjustment is carried out in a way that the saws clear the machine working space completely. A standard grease lubrication is provided for the sawmarbor bearings. A circular oil lubrication is used for high-speed robust bearing units allowing speeds of up to maximum 3900 min-1 and the use of saw blades with smaller saw kerfs.

Saw arbor bearings

Depending on the drive power, the saw arbors are additionally supported in counter bearings to optimally absorb the cutting forces. These counter bearings are hydraulically pulled off the saw arbors and adjusted in height to give full access to the machine.

Guide bars

Depending on the application of the MKS 350, it is possible to install guide bars at the machine in- and outfeed side to achieve high dimension accuracy.

Saw blade spraying

Lifetime of saw blades can be increased by using an alternatively available saw blade spraying device.

Working space

The MKS 350 has a clamping length of 560 mm. Maximum cant width is 600 mm, maximum cutting height 350 mm. The drive power of up to 2 x 250 kW per saw arbor allow high feed speeds even when splitting multiple products.

Tool change

Partly- and fully automated tool changing systems guarantee a fast and reliable tool change.