At a glance

The profiler unit VPM 450 profiles one sideboard on each of the two lateral sides of a two- or four-sided cant. Two tool units per side produce the board at the two- or four-sided cant by removing the wane. Each of the four tool units is driven by a three-phase motor and can either be pivoted or tilted path-controlled for maximum recovery. This allows curve sawing or diagonal profiling of sideboards. The tool unit with two saw blades mounted at right angles produces high quality lumber surfaces without tear-outs.

The two VPM machine halves are supported on linear guides. The generous length of the linear guides offers comfortable space for changing tools when the machine is in tool changing position. The machine width adjustment can either be servo-hydraulic or with electrically driven ball-screw spindle. The machine mass to be moved was kept low to achieve short tool adjusting times. For tilting or pivoting, only the tool units are moved and not the complete machine. The short adjusting time and the extremely compact tool unit guarantee minimum gaps inbetween the cants even when processing unsorted logs and operating with sideboard optimisation. The maximum 4 x 132 kW motors also allow large chip removal areas at high feed speed.

Tool unit

A patented tool unit per corner consisting of a profiler head and a saw blade mounted at right angles produces high quality lumber surfaces without tear-outs. The synchronous tool run is guaranteed by a specially developed high performance gear box which allows a meshing arrangement of the tools.

Profiler unit VPM / N 450 for path-controlled diagonal profiling

The tool units of each machine side can be tilted via a common axis in or against feed direction and simultaneously adjusted in height in the machine housing. The vertical adjustment is done by a continuous path control and hydraulic servo cylinders. This function allows the diagonal profiling of a sideboard considering the cant shape. The lumber recovery achieved this way corresponds with the one of a board edger plant.

Profiler unit VPM / S 450 for active curve profiling

The VPM / S is equipped with vertical pivoting axes within the machine which allow the independent pivoting of the profilers on both sides. This machine design is suitable for active curve profiling in the secondary processing step.

NONstop concept

Continuing production and carrying out maintenance work at the same time is not only a wish of many sawmill operators, but has recently become reality with the tunnel design.
A tunnel, protected by steel plates, is built by the wide opening of the VPM allowing to change cutting tools on the profiler unit while the rest of the sawline remains in operation. Each profiler unit is freely accessible and all tools can be changed one after the other.