At a glance

The profiler unit VPF340 profiles one sideboard each on the two lateral sides of a four-sided cant. Two profiler heads per side produce the board at the four-sided cant by removing the wane. One three-phase motor each drives the two right- and left-hand heads via belt drive and a continuous spline shaft for an optimum drive power Distribution. Different types of profiler heads are available for different applications: the standard profiler head produces one sideboard as well as pulp or fine chips; the stepped profiler head produces two sideboards per side.

Customised feeding systems for a variety of applications are available for the profiler unit VPF 340. What they all have in common are the reliable cant guiding as well as adjusting axes that are independent from the VPF resulting in a small gap. The feeding systems are of different design and therefore suitable either for curve sawing or processing of unsorted logs as well as optimum access for tool change.


Width adjustment is carried out by shifting the upper housings on linear guides. Positioning is done via hydraulic servo cylinders or alternatively via ball-screw spindles driven by electric gear motors if adjustment is only required occasionally. Height adjustment of the profiler heads is either carried out by hydraulic servo cylinders or by electric motors. All four profiler heads can be positioned in height independently from each other which allows the production of sideboards of different width and position on both, the left- and right-hand side. This however is only possible if the sawline is equipped with a sideboard optimisation system.

Stepped profiler head

The number of resharpenable knives arranged at the profiler head circumference depends on feed speed and required chip length. Between two and four knives for producing pulp chips. If you intend to produce fine chips, the number of knives can be increased depending on the tool diameter. The number of discs can be varied for matching to the cutting height.