At a glance

The cant turner is used for turning two- and four-sided cants by 90 degrees during transport. The rotors are supported in large size roller bearings and mounted in a support frame that can be adjusted in height.
A hydraulic servo cylinder for the height adjustment allows to preposition the rotor to the cant centre line when using a corresponding scanning system. During turning, the rotor and the cant are lifted commonly to avoid a damage of the cant edges. Rotor turning is set via rotary encoders integrated in the drive motors and controlled by means of external signal transmitters. One each pair of hydraulically driven rollers is mounted on the rotors being servo-hydraulically pressed onto the cant during transport for reliable guiding and feeding. The rollers are prepositioned according to the cant size in order to achieve a high piece count.

High capacity by using two alternately working rotors

The cant turners of this series can either be equipped with one or with two separately driven rotors. Two alternately working rotors guarantee a notably increased piece count. Depending on the requirements, it is possible to turn all cants either in one or in alternating direction with constant capacity.