At a glance

The chipper canter VM 35 produces two plane, parallel faces at round logs or two-sided cants. The machine is mounted on a stable, warp resistant base frame. Two machine housings are used to accommodate cutter heads and drive motors. The machine is driven by means of three-phase motors, power transmission by means of power belts. The cutter heads are positioned on linear guides either electro-mechanically or servo-hydraulically. When using an electro-mechanical positioning, the cutterhead units are hydraulically locked in their working position. The strong and well-designed machine guarantees high sawing accuracy and excellent lumber surface quality.

Tool change

Both machine housings are mounted on linear guides. The generous length of the guide rails allows moving the two machine housings to their outer end position. A working platform can be swiveled in providing sufficient space for a safe and easy tool change.


The VM 35 cutterheads are 585 mm in diameter and designed for 120 mm cutting depth. The chipper knives are arranged in two steps. The number of knives, varying from two to four knives per step, depends on the feed speed, the number of revolutions and the required chip length. The integrated guide disc and the rollers of the in- and outfeed system right in front and behind the cutterhead make it possible to process logs with a minimum length of 1,20 m. The cutterhead design allows high motor speeds and therefore feed speeds of more than 200 m/min.