Processing of unsorted logs

Maximum flexibility

The processing of unsorted logs allows logs of different diameters. Two procedures are available. Either an appropriate cutting pattern is chosen for each log to be sawn without presorting or a presorted assortment is taken for producing lumber according to an order list (construction or standard timber).

Procedure is the same in both cases:

  • Scanning of the logs
  • Selection of the cutting pattern: Depending on the sawline design, either a cutting pattern is chosen from a table with cutting patterns for determined centre products and sideboards or the value-added sideboards are determined with a fix centre product. The so-called full optimisation calculates the whole cutting pattern with regards to added value.
  • Processing of the log: All tool axes are individually positioned for each log. As the tool axes have to adjust from log to log, positioning is carried out by means of hydraulic servo axes. This keeps setting times and log gaps small.

The field of application

This procedure is used whereever flexible processing is required, i.e. in sawlines for average capacity equipped with merry-go-round system and also in straight sawlines for high capacity.