Processing of small diameter logs

The process

Whether you have thinnings or pieces from the upper part of the tree – you always have to handle small diameter logs.

As the volume of these logs is very small, it is especially important to have effective and economical technologies available. The profiling technology is particularly suitable for handling these logs. The worldwide first LINCK profiling line for small logs (up to 25 cm small end diameter) was designed and supplied in 1979.

This successful technology resulted in the growing interest of our customers to process a larger amount of large diameter logs for which bigger machines became necessary. These bigger machines required and still require a larger volume of raw material to allow an economical processing of logs. If an average raw material volume is not available, the machines will soon become uneconomical.

This is why LINCK developed and presented a new compact machining centre EV10/VM10 on the occasion of the LIGNA 2015 that provides optimised possibilities especially for processing small diameter logs.

The new compact machine centre EV10/VM10 converts logs in one working process into four-sided cants. The further handling can then be realised according to the customer’s requirements e.g. with the classical profiling technology.

The Linck advantage

  • Perfectly suited for sawlogs with small end diameter up to 25 cm
  • Less space required due to the compact design
  • Safe operation by using sophisticated solutions
  • Simple layout by feeding logs either small or large end first
  • High recovery by diagonal alignment or curve sawing
  • High vertical range of manufacturing, controls and software
  • Optimum linking of mechanics, controls and software
  • Log-related cutting patterns
  • Control and manufacturing according to parameters such as dimension, quality and added value