Plant control and automation

Individual control and automation concepts - Maximum productivity level

To make optimal use of our high performance saw lines, we develop and program our own control and automation concepts raising the capability of our profiling lines to a new productivity level.

The well-established LINCK team consisting of experienced project engineers for machine design, electronic controls and software programming takes care that not only the saw lines but also the electric and electronic controls meet the customers' requirements. Perfectly developed for market and customer requirements, our electrical plant controls convince by a multitude of application possibilities and high-quality workmanship. Only high-performance and high-quality components of well-reputated suppliers are used and dimensioned for a reliable operation with sufficient spare capacity.
So that your saw line operates safely and of course with high availability.
Basis for achieving maximum recovery is the use of 3D-scanners. The software takes the measuring results for calculating thousands of options in fractions of a second and decides for the optimum cutting pattern. So that you can make use of all possibilities your saw line is offering you at any time.

Entrance scanning

  • Scanning of round logs
  • Calculation of rotating angle
  • Verification whether the log suits the predetermined cutting pattern
  • Determination of added-value sideboards (sawline with sideboard optimisation)
  • Definition of cutting pattern (sawline with full optimisation)

Control panel

  • Intuitive operating concept
  • Ergonomical workplace
  • Short training period
  • Plain text error message for fast and uncomplicated troubleshooting
  • Access for remote maintenance

User interface

  • Clear structuring for fast overview
  • Extensive statistical data
  • All important data at a glance
  • In the corresponding national language

Cant scanning

  • Measuring of all surfaces
  • Reoptimisation of sideboards
  • Comparison and control with entrance scanning


  • Individual safety concept meeting the corresponding regulations
  • Certified methodology

Switch and control plants

  • In-house switch cabinet manufacture
  • 100% test in our laboratory prior to supply