Profiler Saw Unit VPS

The profiler saw unit VPS 35 is used for profiling and sawing a sideboard on the right- and left-hand side of a cant. The machine design allows the processing of four-sided cants with lengths from 1,20 m on.


One profiler head per corner, equipped with 2-4 knives, is envisaged for profiling. A precutting saw segment provides for a good lumber surface. Each profiler head is directly driven by a standard three-phase motor. Height- and width adjustment of the profiler heads is carried out via hydraulic servo cylinders. Width adjustment of the two heads per side is done in common; height adjustment is separate for each head. This allows different sideboard dimensions on the left- and right-hand side.


All machine components are installed in a stationary housing. Dust loading can be considerably reduced by the possibility of connecting an exhaust system. An additional positive facet is the safety function of the housing.

Tool change

Despite the compact machine construction, the housing offers sufficient space for a safe and easy tool change.


The profiled sideboards are separated from the four-sided cant by saw blades. The machine is working according to the double arbor principle. The saw blades are directly driven by means of three-phase flat motors. The common width adjustment of the saw blades of each side is done via hydraulic servo cylinders. Height adjustment is also carried out via hydraulic servo cylinders. The possible horizontal adjustment allows the equal distribution of the cutting forces to the top and bottom saw blades. The latter can be adjusted independently from each other in a way that they are completely out of working range.

Feeding systems

The feeding systems are directly integrated in the machine. All feed rollers are made of hard-chromed steel. Drive is carried out by means of gear motors and cardan shafts installed on top of the machine housing. The feed rollers are arranged directly in front and behind the tools which makes it possible to handle log lengths from 1,20 m on.

Technical Data

VPS 35
Feed speed m/min. > 200
Cant length min. m 1,2
Distance between feed rollers min. mm 70
Distance between feed rollers max. mm 410
Weight, depending on design, approx. t 17
Vertical profiling size max. mm 100
Horizontal profiling size max. mm 55
Number of knives per profiler head 2 – 4
Driver power per profiler head max. kW 45
Saw blade diameter mm 440
Drive power per saw blade max. kW 45

*While this machine catalogue shows authentic photographs of the equipment, it cannot be assumed that similar equipment ordered will have incorporated in it all the identical features pictured. The right to change designs and technical data is reserved by the manufacturer.