Circular Split Saw TS

The circular split saw TS 35 is used for splitting four-sided cants into two by means of a top and bottom saw blade, each driven by a three-phase flat motor. Height positioning of the saw blades via hydraulic cylinder allows an equal distribution of the cutting forces. Both saw blades can be completely moved out of working range in vertical direction in case the split saw is not needed for production. Three pairs of electrically driven, vertical feed rollers are installed at the machine infeed side; a pair of electrically driven horizontal rollers at the outfeed side guarantees a reliable cant transport. The horizontal saw blade position is fixed. The infeed rollers can position the four-sided cant out of centre for producing half timbers of different width.

Technical Data

TS 35
Feed speed m/min. > 200
Cant length min. m 1,2
Cant height max. mm 350
Cant width min. mm 70
Cant width max. mm 335
Passage height max. mm 400
Saw blade diameter mm 580
Maximum position out of centre mm 40
Drive power per saw blade max. kW 45
Net weight, depending on design t 6,0

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