Infeed and centering system EV / EVP

The infeed- and centering systems EV / EVP are installed in front of chipper canters. Their main task is the optimum alignment of logs which is particularly complex with logs that, despite their irregular shape, must be supplied to the chipper canter in a correct position. The arrangement and control of the rollers in the infeed- and centering systems allow a feeding of logs with large end first, small end first or mixed orientation with constant volume and accuracy. Various alignment functions and accurate centering guarantee maximum lumber recovery.

Primary processing

The infeed system for primary processing is equipped with two pairs of rollers for rotating the logs into their proper position. Two pairs of centering rollers and a hold-down roller then take and hold the log in position. The optional servo-hydraulic side adjustment of the roller pairs allows the sawing of asymmetrical cutting patterns and the usage of the infeed system in sawlines with merry-go-round system.

Secondary processing

The infeed system for secondary processing feeds the two-sided cant centered and aligned to the secondary chipper canter. Alignment of the two-sided cant is done by two pairs of servo-hydraulically positioned centering rollers. Hold-down rollers hold the cant in position on the chain bed. Doors at the infeed systems facilitate the access to the chipper canter for tool change.

Roller units

The roller units are directly mounted on supports which channel the arising forces directly into the steel support without any influence on the chain bed. The roller pairs can optionally be equipped with servo-hydraulic adjustment which allows the sawing of asymmetrical cutting patterns with primary processing and a diagonal cant alignment with secondary processing.

Log rotation

Decisive for an optimum lumber recovery is the rotating accuracy. The data from a 3D-scanner as well as the cutting pattern are used for determining the rotating angle which is then realised with an accuracy of S = ± 5°. Log rotation also considers negative influences resulting from the growth habit of the log.

Cant alignment

Split taper or full taper centering, diagonal alignment or active curve sawing can be used for feeding the two-sided cants to the following chipper canter. The sawline software makes the decision for the optimum alignment for each individual log by using the stored parameters. The required gap remains small no matter which alignment type is chosen.

Technical Data

EV 45 EVP 45 EV 50 EVP 50
Passage width min. mm 50 50 60 60
Passage width max. mm 660 660 670 670/ 800
Passage height min. mm 50 50 50 50
Passage height max. mm 570 570 680 680
Chain bed width mm 145 300 145 300 / 450
Lateral adjustment of centering roller pairs mm ± 100 ± 100 ± 100 ± 100
Chain bed drive power kW 9,2 9,2 9,2 9,2
Roller drive power kW 3,0 3,0 4,0 4,0
Feed speed max. m/min. 200 200 200 200
Net weight, depending on design t 11,0 11,5 13,5 14,0

*While this machine catalogue shows authentic photographs of the equipment, it cannot be assumed that similar equipment ordered will have incorporated in it all the identical features pictured. The right to change designs and technical data is reserved by the manufacturer.


Brochure EV/EVP