Chipper Canter VM45 / VM50

The chipper canter is used for primary and secondary processing of round logs or two-sided cants by opening two plane-parallel faces. A round log is converted into a two-sided cant when using the chipper canter for primary processing. This two-sided cant changes to a four-sided one if the machine is used for secondary processing. Converting the cutter heads allows the production of high quality chips for the pulp and paper industry as well as fine chips for pellet production.

Tool change

The chipper canters are easy to operate and maintain. The linear guides for shifting the upper machine frames are of asymmetrical design. They are extended on the tool changing side for widely opening the machine providing sufficient space for tool change. Swiveling the cant support by 90° results in a working platform which ensures a safe standing position during changing of tools.


A smooth run of the cutter heads is assured due to their high weight. Large openings in the cutter heads allow a smooth chip flow. The cutter heads are designed with two- or three steps depending on the cutting depth. The number of chipper knives per step depends on the feed speed, the number of revolutions and the required chip length. According to operating conditions and constitution of the logs either saw rings or dressing knives can be used. The guide discs installed in the heads on separate bearings are used for log/cant guiding and have a positive effect on the lumber dimension accuracy.

Modular design

The modular design allows using different tool systems. Depending on the market situation, tools for producing either pulp or fine chips can be installed. The machine is mounted on a stable, warp resistant base frame. Two machine housings are used for mounting of cutterheads and their drive motors. These cutterhead units are positioned on high-precision linear guides either electro-mechanically or servo-hydraulically. When using an electro-mechanical positioning, the cutterhead units are hydraulically locked in their working position, resulting in an excellent dimensional accuracy.

Technical Data

VM 45 VM 50
Distance between cutterheads min. mm 60 60
Distance between cutterheads max. mm 400 / 610 500 / 660
Distance between cutterheads in tool changing position mm 1335 1360
Passage height max. mm 700 750
Cutting depth per cutterhead mm 160 160 / 190
Number of chipper knives per cutterhead 2 to 6 2 to 6
Log length min. m 2,5 2,5
Drive power per cutterhead max. kW 200 250
Net weight, depending on design t 18,2 19,8

*While this machine catalogue shows authentic photographs of the equipment, it cannot be assumed that similar equipment ordered will have incorporated in it all the identical features pictured. The right to change designs and technical data is reserved by the manufacturer.