Compact machining centre EV10-D - EV10-Z - VM10-4

The new compact machine centre converts logs in one working process into four-sided cants. Two cutterhead units are in use for this purpose. The heads of the first unit are arranged one above the other and generate the horizontal faces. The heads of the second unit are rotated by 90 degrees relative to the first one and generate the vertical faces. The infeed system rotates the logs according to the cutting pattern while considering the real shape of the log. Log transport allows straight sawing with centred or diagonal alignment as well as curve sawing.


for automatic log rotation

Two pairs of rollers lift the log off the feeding system and turn it into the position calculated by the control. After rotation, the bow of the log is sideways.


for log alignment

Three centering units each consisting of a horizontal and a vertical pair of rollers position the log either split centred, diagonally aligned or following a calculated curve. The following anti-twist device prevents the log from moving around the longitudinal axis.


for producing four-sided cants

The chipper canter consists of two consecutive cutterhead units. The bottom cutterhead of the first unit is stationary and is used as contact surface for the following processing steps. The second cutterhead unit produces the two lateral faces.




Technical Data

VM 10
Small end diameter mm 80 - 250
Log length m 2,5 - 6,0
Processing of sorted
unsorted logs
Log alignment small end first
large end first
Sawing split taper centering
diagonal alignment
following the curve