The LINCK chipper canters are used for primary and secondary processing of round logs or two-sided cants by opening two plane-parallel faces. A round log is converted into a two-sided cant when using the chipper canters for primary processing. This two-sided cant changes to a four-sided one if the machines are used for secondary processing

Converting the cutter heads allows the production of high quality chips for the pulp and paper industry as well as fine chips for pellet production.

The strong and well-designed LINCK chipper canters guarantee high dimension accuracy and excellent lumber surface quality.


The LINCK profiler units profile one sideboard each on the two lateral sides of a four-sided cant. The sideboards are produced by removing the waney material.


The saw units, double arbor circular saws, horizontal circular saws, circular split saws supplied by LINCK ared used for splitting of round logs, two- and four-sided cants and planks as well as for sawing of sideboards. Each machine is designed for a wide field of application .

The various LINCK saws distinguish themselves by excellent lumber quality and high sawing accuracy with minimum sawkerf losses.