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High and bright in Tunadal

The new sawline in the spruce processing sawmill of SCA Tunadal is now in operation. With 200 m/min feed speed, high recovery and excellent working environment, the sawline is supposed to have a clear goal in sight in a first step, namely the production of 540.000 m³ of lumber per year.
- We now have a sawline and a sawmill building which allow us to develop our production for many years to come, says a satisfied Katarin Levin, sawmill manager of SCA Tunadal.

Springer screw conveyor in the log feeding plant to the new sawline
Text and photos: Nils Lindstrand
Christoph Lanz, Microtec and Jukka Pakkanen, SCA Tunadal, test the control cabin during installation at the beginning of summer.

One of the key objectives for the large investment was the increase in recovery by replacing the three old sawlines with a modern and fast Linck line with improved curve sawing and a sideboard optimization with three scanning frames. This results in a very fast sawline operating at a promised feed speed of 200 m/min. - As we have a large amount of logs with 13-17 cm small end diameter, the feed speed is decisive for maintaining a high productivity, declares Katarina Levin. The first log passed the sawline on May 18, one week before the calculated date. During summer, fine-tuning was carried out and the three old lines were shut-down. Test run started on August 2 and the sawline was taken over on August 15. - The construction basically went very smoothly, says Katarina Levin. Beforehand we had long and extensive discussions with the suppliers in order to obtain the plant and solution we wanted to have. The cooperation was good and we complied with the time schedule.

The new sawmill building includes a fundamental improvement of the working environment. The new sawline is placed in a bright building with high roof and has a modern dust extraction system. The innovative and energy efficient design of the aeration plant and the sawdust filters allowed to choose a higher air flow that usually possible resp. adequate from an energetic point of view. At the same time it is possible to heat the building in winter. The working environment is excellent, even in the control cabin, where the operator can monitor the production flow during the whole sawing process (from left to right) on large and bright screens. The screens are also used to handle the cranes grabbing the logs in the log feeding plant if necessary. The technical implementation includes several cameras at and next to the cranes as well as an image display which Tunadal developped together with the company Nihle after having asked several suppliers for other solutions on 3D- or Virtual Reality basis. However none of them dared to supply such. The solution developped by Tunadal and Nihle works well in the narrow range of the log feeding plant. Presently two operators handle the sawline per shift; one is monitoring the line in the control cabin, the other one is taking care of things in the sawmill building that cannot be managed from the cabin. To begin with, SCA trained three operators per shift to allow work rotation with the lumber sorting; more operators are envisaged. The saw doctor works during daytime and wall to wall with the operator in the control cabin. The sharpening room was placed close to the resaw to guarantee a fast and smooth changing of tools.


An unusual height in the sawmill basement offers free and useful spaces.

The opportunities for an optimum placement of the technology and activities were good as the sawline was installed in a new building. Nevertheless there was one limit. - There was only one place where we could connect the existing green sorting plant to the new sawline, reports Katarina Levin which was finally decisive for placing the new sawline on a rather high level. This resulted in a relatively high log feeding plant and a high ceiling in the sawmill basement and explains the completely free space on floor due to high installation of the by-product removing conveyors. SCA Tunadal not only strived for an excellent working environment in the sawmill building, but also outdoor. The inhouse log feeding plant which considerably reduces the noise exposure in the surroundings is unique in Sweden and also means a better plant availability in winter as photo cells are no longer covered with snow. The investment in an inhouse log feeding plant meant considerable higher costs; beyond construction, this solution also restricts the moving area of the crane and increases the costs for cleaning. Design of the log feeding plant had therefore to be adapted in many ways. - But we are near a residential area which could probably expand in our direction; this is why we chose a solution which we believe can exist in a long run.

Personnel training played an important role in the project. The staff looked over the shoulders of their colleagues in the sawmills Bollsta and Gällö and then took part in the Linck training in Tunadal. - The possibility for the operators to work with colleagues experienced in the operation of modern Linck lines was a real advantage. They could participate in the positive experience while building a network based on which they can exchange information and know-how in the future. As Linck also extended the time for fine tuning of the sawline, the operators were offered good conditions for training. With the new sawline in full operation, the number of staff was reduced by 15 persons. Fortunately SCA Tunadal could manage this without dismissals. 11 employees over 60 years retired, one found another employement, one is studying and one followed his love. - The elder employees were happy to retire after a long work life, explains Katarina Levin. In the end, it was really positive that we didn’t have to dismiss any employee.

Katarina Levin

The future looks bright, not only in the sawmill building but also on the market. The increased building activities in the United States draw wood mainly from Canada which raises the demand for European products all over the world. - Building with wood also increases in Sweden and SCA Tunadal with its branch SCA Timber Supply is a strong supplier on the Swedish and French lumber market, says Katarina Levin.

Facts: The new SCA Tunadal sawline

Springer Log feeding plant
50 logs per minute
Curved log turner
Screw conveyors
LINCK Sawline
Profiling line with sideboard optimisation and curve sawing
200 m/min feed speed guaranteed
Microtec Scanning systems
4 x 3D-scanners
Bruks By-product removal system
Four chip screens
1000 m³ chips per hour
600 m³ sawdust per hour