What the press says about LINCK

Profiling line under the maple leaf

The first Linck line in Canada after an absence of several years – the picture shows the infeed system of the first chipper canter © Linck

New start of the German sawline in Canada completed with success

„This is by far the first line we could build in Canada”, says Manfred Leopold, Sales Manager of the German machine manufacturer Linck in Oberkirch, to start the interview. During the last 20 years we focused on Central Europe and Russia for many reasons: with the implementation of the profiling technology during the 1980’s, we realized many large sawmill projects on our home market. The North American machine manufacturers also had a good technology. And probably the most important in North America remains: The widely held opinion that Linck could only process sorted logs which is not very common in the USA and Canada, to formulate it carefully. This is why the North American sawing industry rarely dealed with European suppliers so far. With the installation of the profiling line Edgewood Forest Products in Carrot River in the Canadian province Saskatchewan, Linck achieved a new milestone.

A good collaboration: Linck representative Damien Meyer und Edgewood Managing Director Byron Warner (from left to right) © Linck

Higher yield and better qualities
C&C Resources bought the premises in Carrot River from the Weyerhaeuser Group in 2012. The equipment – especially the sawline – was obsolete. The decision to invest in a complete new sawline was made. With the 25 Mio. US $ (22 Mio. €) which C&C Resources lately invested in the plant, a yield improvement of 20% was expected. Already after a few weeks of production, Ron Dunn, Vice President / COO of C&C Resources, came to positive conclusions: “We produce less trimming leftovers, achieve better qualities and have a higher throughput thanks to the plant concept.” The schedule is to process 350.000 m³ of round logs per year in a two-shift operation; however, according to Linck, 500.000 m³ of round logs per year could be processed if 100% of the logs could be presorted. “The sawmill presently uses this option only to 80%”, explains Linck Project Manager Thomas Schäfer. Edgewood Forest Products sells its products exclusively in North America which is reflected in the dimensions. “We produce cross sections from 1-by-3 to 2-by-6. However the majority is 2-by-4”, explains Edgewoods’s Managing Director Byron Warner. The main reason for the investment, says Dunn, is that we want to manage a multifunctional sawmill in order to be independent of the round log market.

Linck't prototype of a rotary table at the log feeding station © Linck

The visit at Linck was determining
Linck has been in contact with Edgewood Forest Products since 2013. In summer 2014, the officials came to Germany to visit some of the Linck sawmills together. “This visit was determining for Edgewood Forst Products to make its final decision for our technology”, says Schäfer. From Linck’s point of view, there were three big disdvantages resp. differences with the former sawline:

- The installation was getting on in years (year of construction   1994).
- Edgewood Forest Products was not able to produce  sideboards.
- Larger log diameters arose which the sawline could not handle.

The construction works in Carrot River started in summer 2015. The new Linck profiling line has been in service for two months now. “Right on schedule”, emphasized Leopold. Edgewood Forst Products built a new building for the German sawline in which the first part of the Linck plant was installed. This allowed Edgewood to continue working with the old sawline. Production stop had to be kept as short as possible. Dismantling of the old sawline, completion of the Linck line and connectjion to the existing round log feeding station as well as to the sorting and stacking plant were carried out afterwards.

The separating conveyor sorts out sideboards. © Linck

Classical process
Edgewood Forest Products operates two Nicholson debarkers. Conveyors distribute the logs to seven pre-sorting decks from where the new Linck line takes over the logs. The logs pass a metal detector to arrive on a rotary table which orientates the logs by 180°. The Microtec iRas line carries out a 2D-measuring of the logs which allows the sorting out of broken and missorted logs. Immediately prior to sawing, a Microtech 3D-scanner makes it possible to exactly position the log according to the sawing optimization. The EV45 infeed and centering system rotates the log and takes it to the chipper canter VM45 where two plane surfaces on the left- and right-hand side are produced. The following DV70 turning device turns the cants by 90°. The infeed and centering system EVP then takes the two-sided cant to the second chipper canter VM45. The following profiler unit VPF profiles the sideboards on the cant which are then sawn off by the circular saw CSMK 285-A1/B1. “This line allows the production of a sideboard on each side – which is innovative for Edgewood”, explains Schäfer. After having been turned again by 90°, the cants pass another profiler unit with circular saw CSMK where the additional sideboards are produced and sawn off. Finally Edgewood Forest Products opted for a horizontal circular split saw and a third CSMK 325 splitting the four-sided cants according to the required lumber dimensions.

Transfer to the existing sorting plant. © Linck

Stringent safety standards
The Linck line processes diameters from 10-55 cm and length from 2.50-3.00 m. The safety technology, however, was new for the German supplier and a lot more complex compared with Central European requirements. Furthermore all the construction parts had to suit the CSA-standards for certification. For the North Americans, the profiling technology is completely new ground. “However, the employees have meanwhile become more familiar with our concept”, thinks Schäfer. Linck implemented the project together with the local representative, Damien Meyer. Dunn is convinced: “With the new sawline, Edgewood Forest Products has the lowest production costs of the branch and Linck represents a strong partner by our side."

Edgewood Forest Products

Location Carrot River/Sasketchewan/Canada
Founded 2012 (bought from the Weyerhaeuser Group)
Owners C&C Resources, Quesnel/Canada
Managing Director Edgewood Byron Warner
Processing capacity 350.000 m³ of round logs/year (scheduled)
Employees 100
Products Lumber cross sections of 1-by-3 to 2-by-6 (mainly 2-by-4)