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Green technology, White sea

Russian „archangel town“ becomes sawmill mecca

The Linck saw line in Archangelsk is processing up to 700.000 m³ logs in a two-shift operation. With the new saw line taken into operation at the end of 2012, Lesozavod 25 again relies on the technology from Oberkirch. It seems that they have already been satisfied with the first line.

One of the biggest European wood processing centers is hardly known in the German speaking area. It is located at the mouth of the Northern Dwina into the White Sea. Archangelsk with its 350.000 inhabitants also has a number of sawmills and paper mills processing more than 5 million of logs/year altogether. Since last year a new saw line from „Линк“ started its operation. Experts better know this renowned company with its German spelling: Linck.

Between forest and White Sea. The "archangel town" which would be the German translation for Archangelsk is located between the 64th and 65th northern latitude and therefore at the same arctic level as Reykjavik, Iceland or Anchorage, Alaska. The average temperature does not reach a positive value for more than six months. Although it's freezing cold, this location is perfect for processing wood. Endless forests with small annual ring softwood trees start right behind the town. The metropolis at the White Sea holds a good logistics by its seaport as well as railway and highway connections. And amongst them, sawmills are converting wood into high-quality lumber.

Ten machines in the new saw line. The Russian sawmill company Lesozavod 25 is operating two sawmills in the area of Archangelsk. In 2005 a Linck saw line started operation in the sawmill Maimaksa, North of the Dwina delta. Another Linck saw line was installed in the new sawmill Ziglomenski on the South side of the river delta in the fourth quarter of last year. The Russian are so busy dispelling concerns regarding quality. With this equipment they are working on the global top level. The latest installation is a profiling line with optimisation. Last year, Linck technicians installed the following machines:

  • Chipper canter 1 (VM 45)
  • Cant turner 1 (DV 55) 
  • Chipper canter 2 (VM 45) 
  • Profiler unit 1 (VPF 340) 
  • Profiler unit 2 (VPF 340) 
  • Saw unit 1 (CSMK 285 A1/B1) 
  • Cant turner 2 (DV 55) 
  • Profiler unit 3 (VPF 340) 
  • Profiler unit 4 (VPF 340)
  • Saw unit 2, resaw (CSMK 285 A1/B1)

The Estonian company Hekotek, Harjumaa supplied and installed the log yard and the lumber sorting plant. The debarking machine was supplied by Valon Kone, Lohja/Finland and the scanning system for the lumber sorting plant is from the Finnish company Finscan, Espoo.

Optimisation in the sawline. Special attention is paid to recovery even at the White Sea. Prior to entering the sawline, the saw logs are measured with a 3D-scanner. The Linck software takes these data for calculating the rotating angle as well as the optimum sideboard position and dimension in a fraction of a second. The proven spiked rollers rotate the logs accordingly. The profiler units can be adjusted in a way that the maximum number of eight sideboards can be taken off the cant. 

Log diameters range from 10 to 50 cm. Although it is possible to process log lengths from 3,00 to 6,30 m, Lesozavod handles logs from 4,00 to 6,20 m length only. Despite the considerably lower round log prices in North-West Russia compared with the ones in Central Europe (see interview in the box on the right-hand side), it pays off to improve recovery with sophisticated technology.

The spruce and pine saw logs are accurately rotated in front of the first chipper canter. Then they pass a cant turner, a second chipper canter, two each profiler units as well as...
... a pre- and a resaw - during processing main product and sideboard recovery is optimised.

Chips for the paper industry. By-products make-up a considerable share of turnover for Northern sawmills - particularly for the pulp and paper industry. The chips produced by the LINCK chipper canter heads in exactly the proper quality are supplied to the Archangelsk Pulp and Paper Mill. The sawmill company is soon developing a new field of business with its own pellet production.

Easy maintenance with tool changing device. The sawmill Ziglomenski includes a Linck tool changing device for efficient change of saw sleeves. In combination with the wide opening saw units, an easy, reliable and fast change of saw sleeves is possible. The Russian logs rush through the machines at an automatically controlled feed speed from 40 up to 140 m/min. whereby the latter mainly depends on the log diameter. The sawline is capable of processing 700.000 m³ round logs/year in a two-shift operation. 
This year, the joint stock company Lesozavod 25, a part of the Titan group, is producing about 450.000 m³ lumber/year with both Linck lines and so aiming for an annual turnover of 70 million Euro. 

„A logical decision"

Dmitry Krylov, Managing Director of Lesozavod 25 in Archangelsk

Interview with Lesozavod 25- Managing Director Dmitry Krylov

Why have you decided to install a Linck sawline in the new Ziglomenski sawmill?
In 2005, Lesozavod 25 has already started a Linck line in the Maimaska mill which worked reliably and user-friendly from the beginning. As the lumber quality is very high, it was a logical decision to place the order for the Ziglomenski sawline with Linck as well. Furthermore quality management and maintenance are easier if you have the same technology in two sawmills.

Which species to you process?
We normally process spruce and pine logs with 13 to 40 cm diameter and 4,00 to 6,20 m length.

How much do you have to pay for the raw material in Archangelsk?
The price for round logs supplied free factory is average 2050 to 2300 RUB (i.e. 47 to 52,70 €/m³ logs).

How is the lumber further handled on site?
Following the sawline, the boards are dried, sorted according to dimension and quallity and packed.

Where do you export the lumber packages?
Our main markets are France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Great Britain.

How did the decision for investment and start-up take place? 
The management decided for the new sawline in 2010. In the fourth quarter of 2012, the plant was taken into operation. Since then the production volume has been increased continuously. We are very satisfied with the capacity.

Are there any further investments planed for Ziglomenski?
We intend to build a pellet production in the near future.

Lesozavod 25

Founded in 1898
Managing Director Dmitry Krylov
Production 450.000 m³/year of spruce and pine lumber
Turnover 70 Million €/year