What the press says about LINCK

Optimisation in the sawmill

Any combination of sawlines possible depending on requirements

According to Linck, accurate log rotation and centering with the chipper canter infeed systems EV45 and EV50 is important for optimum results.
Optimisation for best benefit: sideboard dimension and position in the log are determined.

Ressource efficiency resounds throughout the land. Sawmillers have always been striving for maximum recovery and consequently benefit, not only in times of scarcity in raw materials. That is why Linck, Oberkirch/Germany has already started 20 years ago developing and bringing innovative solutions for recovery increase to the market. According to the company, a number of operations and methods have been developped over the years that can nearly be combined at will according to customer requirements.

Operating interface of the Linck sawline software:
well-organised structuring and intuitive operation
Result of a simulation based on real data –
comparison of different optimising methods

Quality is in the foreground. Thereto counts amongst others the automatic log rotation, sideboard optimisation and various aligning methods allowing a split taper, diagonal and off-centre alignment of the products. In addition to curve sawing, main focus is given to quality referred optimisation implying the suitability of saw logs for certain product qualities taking the capability of the saw line into consideration. However, these procedures only take effect with customised, well-matched line concepts allowing the precise realisation of the conditions for optimisation. This is why the people in the Linck design- and automation office are already working closely together in the stage of development. Linck is convinced that this is the only way to combine new ideas for an optimum result. The whole thing is completed by an intuitively operated information system including a well-arranged presentation of the essential information. This master plan was already realised in several sawmill installations and the evidence given that the forecasted results were actually achieved in practical Operation.

4 % recovery increase . One of these sawlines is installed at Martinsons in Bygdsiljum/Sweden taken into operation in 2005. The forerunner line was replaced by a profiling line for curve sawing (see Holzkurier issue 34/05, pages 6-7). After five years of production, positive experiences could be gained throughout. According to production manager Olof Martinson, recovery could be increased by 4 % being exactly in accordance with the value from 3D-measuring data from real logs determined by the simulation programme especially developed by Linck. For Linck it is an incentive to push on the development in the field to processing optimisation. Latest example is the new profiler unit VPM presented on the Ligna 2009 allowing diagonal profiling (see Holzkurier issue 19/10, pages 8-9).