What the press says about LINCK

Immediate reconstruction

German machine technology convinced in France

After a fire at Bois du Dauphiné in October 2009, the owners decided to rebuild the sawmill. Already before Christmas, the new machines were ordered, exactly one year later, production could be restarted.

One year ahead Linck installed a profiling line at Bois du Dauphiné. The sawmill was destroyed by fire in 2009 and could be restarted one year later. Spruce, pine and larch are produced – about 120.000 m³ round logs/year.
Easy sawblade change for the personnel at the circular saw S2

Under production stop, Bois du Dauphiné (BDD), Le Cheylas/France stayed in close contact with its customers. Part of the required production was handled by sub-suppliers, about 20 % of the semi-cant products were produced by themselves by means of a second-hand saw. The timeout was used to feed the log yard with raw material for the restart. The new sawmill changed priorities: in the past BDD produced 70 % lumber for packaging, today this production represents only one third of the quantity. The main production today is rustic wooden beams. It is the intention to offer products with maximum added value. 

Two times short or one time long. The sawline was supplied by Linck, Oberkirch/Germany. The machine manufacturer also supplied the log deck as well as the log feeding plant in front of the sawline. Two lengths can be fed separately. When sawing long logs, the metal wall can be lowered (see photo bottom, left). Possible log diameters are 10 to 50 cm. The sawmill is designed for log lengths from 2.20-12.00 m. Maximum feed speed is 120 m/min. and designed for frequency converter control. The logs are processed in the two machine groups consisting of two chipper canters VM 45, two profiler units VPF 340 and a double arbour circular saw CSMK 375-A3/B3, producing centre products and up to two sideboards per side. The sawline is equipped with sideboard optimisation. Sideboard thickness ranges from 12 to 25 mm. Several sections are installed following this core of production. Centre products and sideboards are separated and fed to the next process step resp. to the sorting plant by Kallfass.

Log deck from Linck:
The metal wall can be lowered when processing long logs.
First machine group with infeed- and centering system EV50 and chipper canter VM 45

Pallet boards. One of these steps is further sawing: In case the profiling line produces cross sections for packaging material, the latter has to be split in an additional machine. For this purpose Linck installed the multiple circular saw CSMK 225-A1 with 400 mm clamping length allowing the economical production of pallet boards. Managing Director Michel Cochet intends to produce up to 400 m³ per day in the first year and then up to 450 m³.