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A titbit

Possibility of diagonal profiling and curve profiling

Linck presented a prototype of the profiler unit to break ground on the occasion of last year’s LIGNA fair in Hannover. A machine unit for demonstration purposes is now installed in its factory in Oberkirch/Germany on which customers from all over the world have already taken a close look.

Linck profiler unit VPM 450: suitable for new and existing saw lines.

Linck has been the market leader in the profiling technology for many years. We again wanted to enter new territory and present a trend-setting technology”, describes Manfred Leopold, Sales & Marketing Manager. On the occasion of the LIGNA 2009, Linck presented the new profiler unit VPM 450 for the first time (see Holzkurier issue 23/09, page 15). “This profiler unit is going to change the saw line considerably”, Hermann Groß, chief designer with Linck, is convinced. Together with Robert Maier he developed the new machine type. All requirements that sawmillers submitted to us are now realised in the VPM. They wanted to have a machine producing sharp-edged sawn products free of tear-outs and guaranteeing a high surface quality.“

New type of profiling.What makes the new angle-type profiler VPM 450 special is the patented tool unit consisting of a profiler head with integrated saw blade and an additional saw blade being arranged by 90° on the same level. The pre-cutting saw blades give the products a smooth, circular-sawn surface without knife marks. “The chipper knives are meshing the circular saw blades”, explains Groß. The synchronous tool run required for the meshing arrangement of the tools is achieved by a specially developed high performance gear with little backslash. Removing the whole chipping volume with one tool only results in high quality chips. “Comma-shaped chips are considerably reduced by this technology”. Linck has patented this special tool in Europe and many other influential countries.

Diagonal profiling is also possible with the profiler VPM/N 450 – high surface quality is guaranteed (small picture).
Synchronous tool run: The chipper knife is meshing the sawblade.

Safe tool change For changing of tools the machine can be widely opened so that there is enough space for two operators. To guarantee a high safety Linck has come up with a titbit: The cant support in the area of the tools can be tilted. By serving as working platform during tool change, the cant support offers the maintenance personnel a safe surface to stand on. The tools are equipped with a central screw allowing the use of a so-called tool changing device. “We offer a crane with snap-closing especially developed for this purpose. This crane can take the complete tool head. Disc brakes furthermore prevent rotation of the tool units”.

Easy accessibility for tool change
Robert Maier shows that there is enough space for changing tools – standing safely on a platform.
Disc brakes allow fixing of tools for tool change.
All relevant hydraulic components were installed outside the machine.

For any application. The VPM 450 is equipped with four motors, each up to 132 kW drive power. According to Robert Maier the motor size depends on the customer’s requirements. The profiler unit can be installed in every sawmill, in saw lines for small-diameter up to large-diameter log processing. The VPM 450 can cover all present and future capacity requirements. The belt drive allows the adaptation to every case of operation and in addition preserves the drive components. Minimum movable mass also favours high setting speeds and so guarantee high productivity. During design work particular attention was directed to the sealing of the machine. All surfaces are smooth, i.e. all lids are built into the machine frames. Linck promises minimum dust emission by this excellent sealing. An exhaust system can installed in addition.

Compact type of construction. The new profiler unit can be installed in both, new and existing saw lines. “The machines must remain compact, especially in case they are integrated in existing saw lines”. Being of the same size as the previous models VPF and VP 34, they can be installed in existing saw lines without extensive modification work.

Highest possible recovery. “As the raw material wood is going to be more and more valuable, the sawmillers strive for the highest possible recovery – even with crooked or heavy tapered logs”. The possibility of 3D-scanning also allows meeting the more and more complex requirements. Besides the basic model VPM 450, Linck therefore manufactures two more models of the new type profiler unit: VPM/S and VPM/N. The profiler unit VPM/S is equipped with vertical pivoting axes which make it possible to install two profiler units in one machine group for curve resawing. Presently two machines groups were necessary which led to a larger construction length of the saw line. Diagonal sawing is possible with the profiler unit VPM/N where the tool units are tilted in feeding direction. This allows the diagonal profiling of sideboards on the log/cant shape. Vertical setting may be max. ± 26 mm on 1 m cant length. Left- and right-hand machine side can be tilted separately of each other allowing the production of variable sideboards with regards to the log/cant shape, tilting and size. This requires a precise continuous path control tracing the tool units under processing according to the feed- and tilting angle data. Even when stopping and restarting the line, the board may not show any off-set which was successfully demonstrated during the Holzkurier visit. “We achieve at least the recovery from an optimising board edger plant – indeed all products are ready in one pass. This offers advantages for scanning as the cant can be detected and measured more precisely in the continuous longitudinal pass. Furthermore there are more optimising possibilities as the log can be measured and calculated as a whole. The edger only detects the single boards as result of the precedent processing steps.”

Successful construction. The present experiences with the pilot machine are satisfactory. Leopold is convinced: “We score a big hit with the profiler unit VPM 450 and the connected high-quality surface”. Or as one would say in Austria: a titbit…