Since 1840 partner of the timber industry

Established by Mr. Anton LINCK, a mechanic from Oberkirch, the company LINCK first manufactured flour mill equipment, turbines, brewery equipment and sawmill machinery in a craftsmanlike operation. Already a few years after its establishment, LINCK changed from a craftsmanlike operation to a factory-type company. A foundry was added.

In 1866 the company founder Anton Linck turns the business over to his five sons, Hermann, Anton, Karl, Adolf and August LINCK who set-up an associate company. The company name “Gebrüder LINCK, Maschinenfabrik, Oberkirch” is mentioned for the first time.

In 1870, larger investments were made in the foundry and wood-pattern shop. The range of products is extended by “special equipment for sawmills” and “bridge constructions and agricultural machinery".

On December 31, 1883, the company is mentioned in the trade register for the first time and Hermann, Anton, Adolf and August Linck are shown as partners.

On January 1, 1894, Hermann, Anton and August LINCK leave the company. Mr. Adolf LINCK is authorized to represent the company alone. The company is now officially known under the name of “Gebrüder LINCK, owner Adolf LINCK, Oberkirch“.

In 1906, Mr. Adolf LINCK turns the company over to his sons Max and Richard LINCK and is then carried on as a limited liability company (GmbH).

In 1931, the complete range of products of FRAMAG, Frankfurter Maschinen GmbH, is added to the existing production program which mainly comprises machines for wood processing and for the sawmill industry. As a result, the parquetry machine business develops successfully and in particular the FRAMAG parquetry machines become a byword for quality on domestic and foreign markets.

In 1937, a general partnership (OHG) was established which turns into a limited commercial partnership (KG) in 1941.

The factory is partly destroyed and valuable manufacturing machines are removed by the Allies in 1945. Restoring of the company activities is started under the management of Director Josef Traben which leads to a fast upward development of the company in the years to follow. Revolutionary innovations such as the first LINCK patent for the profiling technology (Patent 1 211 785 – German Patent Office, December 15, 1956) or the assembly of the worldwide first profiling line in 1979 (Patent 2 928 949 C2 – German Patent Office, July 18, 1979) earn the company a leading position on domestic and foreign markets.

The ongoing striving for innovation, highest quality and economy considerably changed the way of working in the sawmill industry which helped to make the formerly heavy work in sawmills easier. This innovation and the continuous development of proven products brought and still brings a steady progress for the sawmill industry. We at LINCK are proud of offering sawlines to our partners that include these 175 years of experience and that are said to be most efficient ones worldwide.