16 of the TOP 20 European softwood lumber producers are LINCK customers!

European Top 20 softwood lumber producers | 2017/Envisaged for 2018

Taking output per production as benchmark for efficiency, Ilim Timber plays in its own league. The production of about 800.000 m³ lumber per site is unique – apart from the large individual sites of Ziegler (990.000 m³ lumber/year) and Mercer (770.000 m³ lumber/year), the Russian-German company operates the most efficient sawmills in Europe.


French President Macron visited the LINCK sawline at Germain-Mougenot in the Vosges


Largest Austrian softwood lumber producing sawmills 2017/Schedule for 2018


The customized LINCK sawline was installed in 2013 and has been doing its Job reliably ever since.

Sawmill of the year 2018 - DEROME TIMBER

The Holzkurier readers know Derome Timber for both, its new investments in modern production technologies as well as for its key role in a group of companies which always responds to customer needs and which offers a wide range of products from lumber to prefabricated houses.

The Derome group converts yearly 600.000 m³ of spruce into lumber, gluelam, garden wood, planed timber, structural timber, timber components and complete prefabricated houses. This wide range of production is made possible by the Linck sawline installed in 2013 which was precisely fitted in the narrow sawmill building in the small Swedish community Derome, allowing the company a yield optimized processing of logs by using curve sawing technology and precise calculation of cutting pattern and positioning of all axes “For an economic production, it is important to make use of each centimetre when transforming logs into lumber”, explains Derome Timber production manager Per Andersson from experience. “However, the increased building activities resulting in a strong demand for structural timber offer us good sales opportunities. We sell our products mainly in Sweden and in the United Kingdom. So far, we don’t notice any excessive impacts of the Brexit”, he explains. Derome Timber supplies construction timber to its own prefabricated house business as well as to other construction companies and DIY stores.

Efficieny and quality go hand in hand
Walking through the factory, it becomes apparent that not only each log is used optimally, but also every spare meter in the production and storage facilities. Efficieny and quality are on a par. For some of our products we are market-leading in sales volume and design, especially for structural timber products”, informs Andersson. At the same time everything looks tidy and the employees are in a very good mood. “I don’t know whether this is due to the Swedish mentality, the good order situation or the Advent season“, says Andersson with a grin. However, the lean hierarchy and the fair company philosophy certainly have their share in the positive mood.

Processing depth to be intensified in 2018
The wide product range comes along with the deep knowledge of the market on which Derome always relies and which is the basis for appropriate investments. “We see an increased demand for already surface-treated or impregnated products, for example for facades or garden areas”, says the production manager. “Dried lumber is also becoming more and more popular”. This is why the site will be upgraded in 2018: The existing drying kilns will be extended and a building will be modified to use it in the future only for coating facade panels, facade connectors, other Swedish specialities and other products. The increasing demand for certified lumber is also taken into account. “Being able to work with volumes – only the quantity of PEFC-certified lumber ordered is produced – we don’t have any productiviy losses as we can still merge orders in our production”, explains Andersson. A certain shortage in round logs can be noticed due to the heavy rain in Swedish winter, however this does not cause him any worries.