Leading in technology, economically convincing.

Being the largest European manufacturer of sawmill equipment and the world’s leading supplier of profiling lines, we at Linck Holzverarbeitungstechnik GmbH are the right contact for individual overall solutions for the processing of logs.

With our experience and working for the wood-working industry for nearly 180 years, we know what sustainability means. This is why we are partners of the largest European saw mill industries. To carry on supporting the latter through highest quality and exceptional vertical range of manufacturing, we daily work on innovations for higher yield and optimum processing.

The knowledge and the basic values of our privately owned company help us to offer our partners customized overall solutions by personal advice. Always focused on the goal to supply the best machine and system configuration even for the most complex requirements. Despite our leading global market position, a major aspect of our success is always maintained: Quality made in Germany.

Oberkirch is our home where working with wood has a long tradition and was just a few generations ago the livelihood people in the region relied upon. Not only because of this have we treated this valuable natural resource with great respect, but we contribute by our innovations to each log finding its way to the market with utmost quality. At the same time, the location directly at the main routes and in the middle of a dynamic and dominant economical region offers many advantages and the possibility to develop in the course of time.

A defining character was and is one of the most fascinating forest landscapes in Europe: The Black Forest.